Sweet Summer time Chaos

While most folks are winding down for summer vacation the life of a Makeup Artist is always ever changing. Already  there have been scheduling conflicts and  decisions to be made as to where to go and what to do with  Tidewater Comicon behind me. Next up is my return to  Farragut Forward being filmed with  Kaotica Studios & Farragut Films. There is a very hectic weekend shoot scheduled for June. This will be followed by a respite as I take time to reorganize and work on new projects. I will be once more doing free face painting for families during Salem united Methodist Church's July & August Block parties. Those are always full of  fun and creative challenges to create what the kids ask for quickly. Thankfully they are just having fun and  I have a wonderful friend working along side me whose Face painting style compliments mine.
August is a bit of a scheduling challenge as I would love to check out the Cosplay Richmond convention and my dream would be to be able to make it to Atlantic City NJ for at least one day of the NJ Horror Convention as my idol Ve Neil will be there and I would love to meet her in person- especially after  McKenzie Westmore's makeup challenges where she gave me honorable mentions for the Tim Burton inspired challenge. There is the chance however of one more session of  Farragut Forward happening that month as well as I had applied to see if I can attend Fairfax Comicon as a guest, but have not heard ore on either yet.
So you see while you relax and rest I plan, pack and pray. No rest for the wicked or weary and I am both.
IF you ever wonder what this life is like...I have already had a director reach out to me to inform me he wants me to do the hair and makeup for his cast of Kiss Me Kate to be put on in November 2024 and the great friends at Ocean City Comicon have told me that they want my panel back in  December 2024 as well. So even when there is tons of time...I still have to plan and watch the calendar closely.
PS. This does not even look at all my other conventions I look at and decide to go - guest or pass.. Remember my role walks the line between  Theater/Stage, Horror and Comic Fantasy Fiction so I am evergreen.  I am definitely going to once more be at Haunted Screams in Hampton VA , but I may have to pass up the Tidewater Horror Convention depending on filming schedules.
Heartfelt thanks to the crew of Incredible Conventions, AstraVoid Cosplay, The Monkey Rodeo, Mostly Dead.com and  Infected FX. All of them help me navigate the pitfalls of juggling this many balls at once. Looking forward to the chance to work side by Side with Megan Bradley FX as well. 

Have a great Summer time!